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Testimony Time: Chinko Ekun Goes To Church, Says He Was Homeless And Sleeping On The Floor 2 Years Ago

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Nigerian rapper, Chinko Ekun narrates the sad story of how he went from having one of the biggest songs in Nigeria in 2018 to becoming homeless, squatting & sleeping on the floor in 2020.

The musician reflected on his struggles after the hit song during a testimony session at Harvester’s Church in Lagos state.

In a now-viral video, shared by Bolaji Idowu, a pastor at the church, Ekun said his ordeals started when he had an issue with the management of his record label.

The rapper said during his dispute with the un-named label, the management reclaimed the house, cars and other properties given to him.

Ekun, whose real name is Oladipo Emmanuel, said he became homeless for months and had to squat with some of his friends including Aloma, ex-aide to Davido.

“I had one of the biggest records in Nigeria then titled ‘Able God. I was going to shows and everything was just sweet, you know. Before you wake up, they already booked you, you go for political shows, and they’re paying you for what you loved to do,” he said.

“Then, there was a lot of money. But skip to 2020, l lost my record deal. I had an issue with my record label boss. He was so mad that he asked me to leave the house. So, I lost my deal and the house and became practically homeless.
“I’m the gentle type so I don’t come on the internet to talk at all but it was just inside of me. Due to the trauma, I relocated to the mainland where I was squatting with some of my friends.
“Then I was depressed because every now and then, I was usually on flights but saw myself almost sleeping on the floor. At the time, I was also in a relationship then, and the breakfast (heartbreak) was so hot that I landed in the hospital. So, everything that mattered to me was crumbling.”
The ‘Able God’ crooner said due to the trauma, he contemplated suicide at a point when he visited Elegushi Beach.
“I was squatting with Aloma, Davido’s aide, at an estate which is around Elegushi Beach. One day I went to Elegushi Beach and thought to myself, abi kin be si inu omi ni? (should I jump into the water?). I started threatening God that if I bow to another god, na him cause am o,” he said.
“In like three months, I was able to record some new songs. I got two endorsement deals from some companies, then I started getting some shows till I was able to get my new apartment and some properties.”

Ekun was formerly signed to YBNL, the record label owned by Olamide, which he joined in 2015.

He is currently signed to Dek-Niyor Entertainment, the Dubai-based label.


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