Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Jay Jody Talks Independence, His Come Back, & More With Bhuda T

Still promoting his newly released EP, Truth Be Told, Jay Jody went to chop it up with Bhuda T in a lengthy chat about his career and current state of mind.The conversation opens with a brief overview...

Flvme Talks Growth, Goals, and GOATS In The Modern Man Podcast

On the brink of releasing his anticipated Note To Self EP, Flvme visited The Modern Man Podcast to talk about his trajectory in the music industry, how he started, and much more.In the hour-long episode, the former Wrecking...

WAN-O shares his experience with HipHopAfrica

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKxXp_g8L8A&t=12sHeadline: WAN-O shares his experience with HipHopAfrica And Embed the video
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Unveiling ‘Relaxed’: Stickx’s Musical Tapestry and Soulful Synthesis of African Sounds 

Producers continue to play a vital yet often underappreciated role in hip hop culture and the broader music industry....
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