Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Black Kalonji

193 Rennie debuts with “Man Wicked” featuring Black Kalonji & OOSHA

193 Rennie is a multi-talented Nigerian producer who started his journey into music in church, playing multiple musical instruments with great passion for music and his culture, he began to make music professionally while attending college in Ghana, collaborating...

Black Kalonji: Dabulamānzi LP: KING of RanKINGs (Album)

Black Kalonji’s Dabulamanzi was released 2 years back as his demo introducing his original alternate sound in the new world of diversity in Hip Hop. Fast forward to this year, this release is a Remastered Version of the project...
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Latest News

Durban’s 031 Choppa Finally Releases Much Anticipated EP ‘Rent Is Due’

'Usenemali' hitmaker, Durban born producer and rapper has finally released his much-awaited project, which saw several shifts in release...
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