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Black Kalonji: Dabulamānzi LP: KING of RanKINGs (Album)

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Black Kalonji’s Dabulamanzi was released 2 years back as his demo introducing his original alternate sound in the new world of diversity in Hip Hop. Fast forward to this year, this release is a Remastered Version of the project with the addition of 8 new songs with new features from Izzik & Dessy Frydays to mostly make this a Deluxe Version. Dabulamānzi means “Divider of Waters’, I took this name for the project because of the diversity of sounds and genres on the album.



Album Track Pointers

“Cinderella”  This Song wasn’t supposed to be on this project but It somehow made it’s way here and now my Personal favorite of the album. At the time I made this song I was going through a Heartbreak and emotional issues. Talking about the whole situation on song really gave me a leap off and more insights to love & relationships, the fact that everyone who listens to the album will be listening to my story gives me a huge relief. Love is Free.

“Don’t Drag Me to War” I was just heading back from getting my first Tattoo on this night in a long ride home, my mind was racing with pressure from the whole system in Nigerian man. Thoughts of War came to my mind, Thoughts about my Past Demons and down times ran along too. Immediately I Got home 193 Rennie played a beat and all I did was write down all I felt in the Cab which births the first line of the Song “I got the Pain tattered on my arm”.

“Pray” As the name of the song depicts “Pray” talks about the importance of Praying as a Hustler, We spent almost a year working on the song, Fromm 193 Rennie making the beats to I arranging and composing in Abuja. Dessy & Zik recorded the song in Accra during a random session where a few parts were on the MacBook Microphone because our Mic got faulty during the session.

“Sunshine” Sometime in 2018, I met with Bryan the Mensah at a bar to Listen to some beats and sounds, meeting Birth 3 records of this project including; ‘Sunshine’, ’Chains’ & ‘Buju Banton’. Sunshine talks about hoping for the Sun to shine on everyone going through Difficult times, hoping for happier times and more Smiles on peoples’ faces.

“Chains” (Feat. Khalasheen)- Chains was also a part of my meeting with Bryan, I made the song with pictures of the common African youth in my mind. The struggles & challenges we go through as the Modern day chains entangled on our Paths to success and also I as an artist finding my new wave and direction.
“Murder & Murderer” I wrote this song and recorded it during the #ENDSARS Saga in Nigeria when Nigerian youths where been gun down during a Protest, talking about the high rate of murder in the country at the time in the country.



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