Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Meet Pretoria Rap’s Newest Ambassador, Loatinover Pounds

On his official Twitter handle, Loatinover Pounds could not hold his excitement after he was announced as the Featured Artist For Rap Life Africa On Apple Music. The Pretoria rapper thanked his fans who have made it possible for...

A-Reece Gives Props to Loatinover Pounds Over “Sosh Plata Remix’ Milestone

A-Reece broke his social media silence recently to give props to rising SA rapper Loatinover Pounds, whose hit song 'Sosh Plata Remix' is making a huge impact on the airwaves all over the country and beyond.https://youtu.be/7dqe-uPP4cIThe rapper who featured...
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Unveiling ‘Relaxed’: Stickx’s Musical Tapestry and Soulful Synthesis of African Sounds 

Producers continue to play a vital yet often underappreciated role in hip hop culture and the broader music industry....
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