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Slik Talk Seeks Rematch with Cassper

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2022 has been the year celebrities in South Africa grace boxing. Just months after losing a bout to NaakMusiq a fan asked Cassper on Twitter if there would be a rematch between the two, while Cassper gave a negative response to that question somebody else is interested in a rematch with Cassper. South African Youtuber Slik Talk who lost to Cassper in the Fame vs Clout Match on December 9th 2021 has asked for a rematch.

Cassper posted a screenshot from Whatsapp of Slik Talk asking for a rematch with the ‘Doc Shebeleza‘ hitmaker, claiming he did not have sufficient time to train for their first fight and deserves time to train and get a fair rematch.

The Youtuber claims that since Cassper has been training with pro boxing coaches for about a year in preparation for his fight with AKA that never happened, it was an unfair advantage to him to fight an untrained Slik Talk.

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