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Pusha-T Finally Drops the Hov Collab

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Amidst rumors of an unreleased Jay Z and Pusha T collaboration in the vaults throughout last year, King Push confirmed early this year that the collaboration in fact did exist, and would be on his forthcoming project, ‘Push and P.’ The single features Jay Z and veteran rapper and singer, Pharrell Williams, and is also produced by the latter.

Skateboard P’s return to the production games sees him in a more solemn and mellow sonical direction more akin to Pusha’s style than the unique fast-paced, electronic, and ”bling” sounds he was known for in his Neptunesdays.

Sterling Ruby who made the single artwork for ‘Diet Coke‘ also made the artwork for ‘Neck and Wrist.’

“Neck & Wrist” follows Push’s recent singles “Diet Coke” and “Hear Me Clearly.” The song marks Jay-Z and Pusha T’s first collaboration since 2016’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” The Brooklyn and Chicago emcees also appeared on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy song “So Appalled” in 2010.

The song features a stellar verse from Hov, who only pops up once in a while to drop one of those, and then go back to his family and billions. The verb is as braggadocious and witty as one would expect a Jay Z to be. The following lines stood out in the verse;

”Y’all spend real money on fake watches, shockingly”

“I blew (blue) bird money, y’all talking tweeter feeds.”

Then he addressed the opinion in the hip hop community that he would not be as successful if veteran rapper and often acclaimed greatest rapper of all time, The Notorious BIG, was still alive in the next line.

”They say if BIG was still alive, Hov would not be in this position. If Hov was alive you would have got The Commission.” Referencing the supergroup that he and BIG were to be a part of, before the latter’s untimely demise.

Watch the ‘Neck and Wrist’ lyric video below.

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