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Suave Lyricism Meets Jazz-Hop As ARMSTRONGWW & KNOWSUM Combine For New Single AUTOPILOT

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ArmstrongWW, a Cameroonian born musician known for his slick cadence and combining elements of Soul, HipHop & Jazz is looking to shake the music scene with new single Autopilot. This release, composed by seasoned Jazz-hop producer Knowsum, radiates feelings of a night ride through the city with a sprinkle of unsolved mystery.

A young musical alchemist, ArmstrongWW has been drawing attention and critical acclaim since the release of his debut single Je T’aime in 2020. Usually, the DIY independent artist cherishes involvement in all aspects of his releases including engineering, video editing, cover art creation, and on numerous occasions, production. On this special occasion, after an email to producer Knowsum in early January, a seed was planted that would soon grow into Autopilot, a track that gives the best of both worlds for fans of Hip-Hop/Soul and Lofi/Jazz.

Autopilot Video directed by Luz Castilla & ArmstrongWW

As chefs often give instructions on how to best enjoy a dish, Autopilot is a dish best served when the sun begins to set. Though blasting this Jazz-HipHop fusion during the day is also encouraged as the polyphonic chorus pairs well with all settings.

Listening to Autopilot makes me feel like I’m on the run, but in a James Bond meets Miles Davis type of way. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it just does


Who is ArmstrongWW – A self proclaimed musical alchemist, ArmstrongWW is a multi-genre artist born in Cameroon, Africa and raised in the creative grounds of Houston, TX. Beginning his songwriting journey at the young age of 6, his sound has long evolved to showcase flexible lyricism and now signature euphonious vocal layering. In recent times, ArmstrongWW’s unique take on Hip-Hop/Soul has garnered attention from industry powerhouses including BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, and some appearances on Spotify editorial’s Jazz Rap & Mellow Bars. Coupled with performances at Rice University (Houston), The Phoenix Theatre (Petaluma), and Space 333 (Chicago), the sky’s the limit for Houston’s very own independent vigilante. 

Listen to Auto Pilot on Spotify now

Follow the rapper on social media @ww.armstrong

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