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Portable In Intellectual Theft? Cameroon Rapper Kitz Accuses Controversial Nigerian Artist, Portable

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Cameroon Rapper, Kitz has called out Nigerian Artist, Portable over imitation. The ‘Voice Of The Street” crooner took to his Facebook page to state;

“I remember contacting Portable telling him i rep the streets in Cameroon and we could do a song together. I sent him links and he even subscribed to my YouTube channel. Last week i woke up to portable naming his Album « Voice of the Streets » same as i had named my album VOTS months before his. As if that was not enough yesterday he named the first song off his album « Aza Man » Same as i had named the first song off my album. Everyone here can bear me witness. The truth is if i copied from a Nigerian artist like this Cameroonians will be on my head. That’s a Nigerian artist copying from your own. What are you going to do? Let it go or say it’s just a coincidence lol. If i catch this peri portable eeh some slap wey i give e. Pima!”

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