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Oriiginelle & Zulu Mecca Speak “CHANGE” on New Single

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Oriiginelle picks up from where she left off with her previous project “Metarmophofeels,” embracing change and embarking on a journey of transformation and growth in her latest single. In collaboration with Soduh Beats and the highly acclaimed South African Hip Hop lyrical talent, Zulu Mecca, this collaboration unveiled itself in front of thousands, after Zulu Mecca showed interest in working with the Swati rapper on X early in the year. 

Produced by Soduh Beats, this single marks her second release of the year, following “Expensive Hunger” in April. In “Change,” the rapper adeptly explores themes of change, progression, and self-assurance. With her buoyant demeanour intact, she reflects on her awareness of the impending changes in her career, while manifesting a life she understands she will achieve through her determination and hard work. 

The beat carries a soulful essence with hints of boom bap, characterised by impactful drums and smooth melodies that allow the listener to fully immerse themselves in the sanguine lyrics. Zulu Mecca complements Oriiginelle perfectly, bringing her own braggadocio to the table and conveying an optimistic outlook for change through her lyrical prowess and imaginative delivery, which captivates attention to her verse. 

Overall, “Change” is a song that exudes empowerment and a readiness for whatever the future holds- encouraging listeners to acknowledge the inevitability of change and seeing it as a catalyst for growth. 

WRITTEN BY: Milliswa Vilane for Makhosazana “Oriiginelle” Thwala.

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