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O’Kenneth Shines on Fiery New Project “TPS”

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Ghanaian drill artist O’Kenneth or YGA O’Kenneth just released a fierce 3 track project “TPS,” and we cant get enough of it. TPS which is an abbreviation for the 3 track titles, tension, power, seizure is artistically curated with the rapper proving why he is arguable the best Drill Artist from the Black Star nation. The tape further solidifies his position as one of the hardest drill rappers from Kumerica. Bringing in the tension to the Ghanaian hiphop scene and global drill scene, O’kenneth is taking power into his own hands and seize the moment to shine as tps is a tape that is lyrically packed with indigeneous ghanaian flows on beats that will keep the club bumping for days.

Known for his gritty flows, storytelling, progressive musical styles with socially conscious songwriting and authentic representation of life in Kumasi, O’Kenneth continues to push the boundaries of the genre with this release which will tear up any speakers. As a member of the Asakaa Boys collective, O’Kenneth has been a pivotal figure in popularizing the drill scene in Ghana, often referred to as “Asakaa.” His previous works have garnered millions of streams and have been praised for their authenticity and cultural relevance. With “TPS,” he continues to elevate the genre to new heights.

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