Monday, July 15, 2024

NEW PLAYLIST: Fresh Music Friday

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Founder & Chief Creative Mind at Hiphop Africa

Today we happily announce exciting changes to of our regular New Music Friday Playlists to Fresh Music Friday with rappers & artists being featured as the playlist cover star every week, As we begin this new and exciting journey and kick-start our very first Fresh Music Friday Playlist.

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Our Cover star for the week is the Talented rapper from Lagos, Nigeria, High M, a lyrical assassin in his own right and versatile artist, rapper, songwriter and singer, as he delivers his highly anticipated tune Breast Comes First, the rapper flexes his muscle on the Afrobeat inspired tune.

The aim of OUR PLAYLIST rebrand is to continue promoting the African RAP Industry and its Hiphop scene, giving our continents rap stars and underground aRTIST A spot to shine.

David Bunna (CCO/Founder)

The “Fresh Music Friday” playlist is a convenient way for fans, music enthusiasts, lovers of hiphop and general music lovers to stay updated with the latest releases and discover new artists and songs from across the continent. It can be an excellent resource for discovering emerging talent and fresh music, as well as keeping up with the latest offerings from established rappers. It’s worth noting that our playlist strictly promotes African Rappers and African Hiphop Industry at large or Black rappers in the diaspora

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