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Makwa Explains Why He’s Never Owned Plaques Despite Being A Diamond And Platinum Selling Producer

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While at a gig over the weekend, Kid X informed Makwa that the song Mtano Muntu has reached platinum status. That alone was enough for Kid X to label “Makwa A Living Legend”. Makwa, a prominent hip hop music producer, was featured on the song, which was published years ago and his works have done wonders since then. Not everyone sorely believes that Makwa The Producer deserves a fine share of the “MtanoMuntu” Plaque. Nevertheless, Makwa explains why he’s never owned plaques despite being a Diamond And Platinum Selling Producer.

Following the song’s most recent success, the father of one chose to present the producer with his plaque at a concert. Kid X applauded everyone who committed to the song’s popularity, which has received over 3 million views on YouTube since its debut in 2018.


Mnan’ Omuntu is a love song having a Hip Hop, Soul, and Maskandi flavor to it. Since it is a remake of their original smash single of the same name, the song produced a very familiar sensation. Kid X delivers this great piece with Makwa Beats on the hook and handles the production himself.

Kid X raps on Mtan’ Omuntu about his love for the woman in his life. We get to hear him refine and genuinely get vulnerable and tell her how he truly feels as he tries to pursue her. Kid X demonstrated his variety and potential as an artist who creates more than music in this song, which is a significant departure from Aunty. In addition, the fans have reacted positively, with the majority applauding Kid X’s cadence and melody.

Nep Makwa The Producer

However, in the thick of the backstage tussles over money and split sheets, Makwa kept delivering success after hit, assisting Kid X in re-establishing his sound in his new enterprise as part-owner of RapLyf Records. It’s a journey that is so deserving to have the “Living Legend” status. His works clearly echo what he has done for the SA hip hop space.

Above all, the song was a smash hit in South Africa, selling over half a million copies. The track has continued to play at some of the country’s most prestigious festivals and concerts throughout the years. What sets the song apart is its outstanding blend of soul, jazz, and R&B songs with a classic flavor.

“This should’ve been one of my plaques but it is my first plaque out of all the HITS I made. They told me to buy it but I refused for a long time until my brother @KiDXsa pull up with one for me. MtanoMuntu went Platinum Raising hands  @KiDXsa thank You big bro”.

“Last night was monumental. I brought out my bro @only1makwa to surprise him with his plaque and the news that #MntanoMuntuIsPlatinum. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for this moment. Thank you mojita for producing and featuring on my first platinum plaque. Thank you to ama grootmaan @shwinomtekhala for their blessing and amazing contribution. Thank you to my broers at Raplyf for their priceless contribution to my journey and career. Thank you to every single radio station and TV channel that has helped spread the music,” the music artist said.

“Thank you to @omfilmssa (@ofentsemwase & @nelisiwemwase) for the amazing visuals that propelled this song to these great heights. Thank you to the entire team at @sonymusicafrica for riding with the boy and doing everything to make this possible. Thank you to my broer @kash_sa for the countless effort he put into making this record and video come together. Thank you to my fans, every single person who streamed, downloaded, liked, shared, referred this song to the next person. You all contributed to this priceless moment. I’m eternally grateful.”

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