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DJ Double D Opens Assault Case Against Da Les And Cuts Ties With Him!

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DJ Double D Opens Assault Case Against Da Les And Cuts Ties With Him! In a wake of shocking and unpleasant news, DJ Double D released an official statement indicating that he will be cutting ties with Da Les. This came after the prominent South African DJ claimed that he was assaulted by the well-decorated SA Hip hop chanter. There is a video of the assault that is doing the rounds on social media and at the time of writing it is still unclear what triggers this unfortunate incident.

The two prominent figures in the SA Hip hop industry have been working well together in the past years. His firm, North Side DJ Tool, hip-hop DJ  Double D  has helped to shape and transform the music industry scenario by giving a platform that has been assisting and nurturing young artists and producers in a huge manner.

This clearly shows how big he is in the hip hop game, and working with Da Les has been a good addition to his craft.

Their vibrant project came out last year when they produced an album Caution To The Wild  that shook the airwaves and caught the SA hip hop audiences by storm. However, this recent debacle between the two will not sit well with most stakeholders in the SA Hip hop game.

Doubled D stated that he does not want to discuss the situation because he needs time to recover from the horrific event and asked everyone to respect this situation as he want the matter to be resolved in a professional manner.

“I would like to confirm that I will be cutting all ties with @2freshles I kindly ask everyone to respect my privacy during this tough time. I will continue to work through my own company Mount Blanc Media & would like to assure all my other clients that we continue as normal,” he tweeted.

As it stands, there are more questions than answers in regards to this issue, and most fans of these two prominent music figures have been trying to make sense of this whole situation. Despite the fact that the DJ did not go into depth about what happened, several of his followers have expressed their support in the comments area on his Twitter post including DJ Zan-D and Sean Pages.

You’ve been brothers for so long, I’m sure you guys can handle this differently. Anyway I hope you’re ok bro!,” Zan D reacted whilst Sean Pages tried to find a bit of humor in the situation.

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