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Lee Hendrix Debuts with Sonically Pleasing Hiphop Debut Dark City

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Ghanaian producer and songwriter Lee Hendrix who reps the city of Darkuman in Ghana’s Greater Accra Region just released his debut project and its both socically pleasing and a hiphop mash up. The Young Ghanaian who is not shy of experimenting with his sound and voice, communicates through his music with a soulfulness that captivates his listeners.

Lee Hendrix in his Debut Mixtape; “Dark City” which symbolizes his neighborhood Darkuman, the city he grew in; with a twist of His Love life, Experiences with women and the dark feels he’s experienced as a growing man.
On the mixtape, “Never Before” talks about how he feels about a woman he’s encountered, his opinion of her and his expectations of her and this is very relatable to others. He features the amazing Singer Lylah on this where she brought a twist of the feminine view to compliment the narrative.

With the release of his debut single, ‘First Date,’ off the mixtape “Dark City” ; The rapper began to get attention for his song writing ability,as well as the conveying of a great message; receiving praise from fans and most men relating to his ideology of females on a “First Date”. His Debut mixtape, ‘’Dark City” ; which is set to be released on 23rd June 2022; he seeks that his genre would be warmly appreciated. He’s collaborated with Marince Omario, Gagaranks and Lylah; also phenomenal artists in the Ghanaian Industry. On this mixtape, he worked with NeddyBeats and Master Mason.
You would find it interesting to know that, all the songs on this mixtape were mixed and mastered by the multi talented Lee Hendrix himself.

He stated that his love life as a growing man was the inspiration for this song. Mostly by how women act towards a man when they first have an interaction, and goes on to talk about their presence with regards to their Sex Life, which is quite common to hear from men. The influence of women when it comes to his music, how supportive women have been with regards to his craft.

Lee Hendrix uses his music to help speak to the masses about how difficult the quest for Love can get and this take on it.
His sound has the potential to induce a change of heart among those who are prone to embracing themselves in the quest of love; finding their path and yearning to have it.

The artpiece’s message is appropriate for the time we live in, and it’s an exceptional perfect gift from Him in this times we all find ourselves.

Lee Hendrix , Dark City Mixtape

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