Thursday, June 20, 2024

KASHCPT Recruits Priddy Ugly & Frank Casino on Mashbeatz Produced “ Give Me Life”

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South African artist and Cape Town Native Kashcpt, who has had a consistent 2023, just released yet another single titled “Give Me Life” Collaborating with Johannesburg-based artists Priddy Ugly and Frank Casino, the track marks a fusion of regional talents bridging the gap between both South African great cities.

Priddy Ugly, an award-winning rapper, lends his lyrical prowess to the composition with his insightful verse, he provides guidance to Kashcpt, drawing from his own experiences and successes in the industry, making a notable return to the scene Frank Casino joins the lineup, the acclaimed artist who has been away for a while adds his signature touch to the MashBeatz produced track. Casino’s calm yet impactful verse not only speaks to the longing for a significant other but also delves into the creative process within the studio.

“Give Me Life” is a collaborative effort that goes beyond geographical boundaries, showcasing the synergy of diverse talents. Kashcpt’s consistency, Priddy Ugly’s award-winning pedigree, and Frank Casino’s highly anticipated return promise a track that resonates deeply with audience.

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