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Butafly Returns To Music Scene With ‘Broken Needles’ After 6-Year Hiatus

Her Latest Single Soars with Empowerment"

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Chrysalis Rising is thrilled to unveil Butafly’s latest single, “Broken Needles,” marking a triumphant return after nearly six years. This release signifies a significant milestone for the artist as it becomes her inaugural official song on major streaming platforms.

Unveiling ‘Broken Needles’: A Poetic Revolution

In this compelling musical narrative, Butafly, the multifaceted artist – singer, rapper, songwriter, and designer – employs the metaphorical concept of ‘Broken Needles’ to symbolize individuals unfairly labeled by society due to their circumstances or experiences.

Triumph Over Labels: Butafly’s Resolute Message

The rhythmic composition serves as a powerful testament to Butafly’s unwavering commitment to defy societal labeling and projections. Through evocative lyrics delivered in both English and Nigerian-Pidgin, Lois Ogechi Osuoha (Butafly) highlights her inner strength, resilience, and the success of her recently unveiled ‘Broken Needles’ collection.

Challenging Stereotypes: Butafly’s Call to Action

Butafly, based in Lagos, emphasizes the profound impact of labels, extending beyond mere expectations to creating damaging stereotypes that undermine individuals’ true capabilities. The artist contends that these labels can lead to feelings of rejection, worthlessness, and fragile self-esteem.

Embracing Unity: ‘We are all from the same place’

Through the insightful phrase, ‘we are all from the same place,’ Butafly urges listeners to reject the divisive effects of labeling. Instead, she advocates for embracing our shared origins to foster positive interactions, contributing to the healing process of others.

Anthem of Identity: Rejecting Labels with Butafly

Describing the song as a universal anthem, Butafly encourages those determined to forge their own identities beyond societal diagnoses. She passionately emphasizes the refusal to be defined by others’ expectations, asserting that everyone possesses a unique collection of remarkable characteristics that extend beyond mere descriptors.

Sonic Uplift: Butafly’s Captivating Delivery

Butafly’s seamless delivery, set against the backdrop of 7rolls’ captivating production, promises listeners a transcendent experience. The synergy between her vocals and the music creates a soothing and uplifting atmosphere, solidifying “Broken Needles” as a sonic journey of empowerment.

About Butafly

Butafly, born Lois Ogechi Osuoha, is a versatile artist known for her prowess in singing, rapping, songwriting, and design. With a career spanning years, Butafly continues to break barriers and inspire through her artistry.

About Chrysalis Rising

Chrysalis Rising is a dynamic music platform dedicated to nurturing and showcasing emerging talent. Committed to breaking barriers and elevating artists, Chrysalis Rising provides a transformative space for musical innovation.

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