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Is KRG The Don Kenya’s Richest Rapper? Check His Net Worth

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KRG the Don Net Worth

The conversation about people’s net worths has been popular for a while. It all started with Cabinet members who had to reveal their wealth to Kenyans. We must admit that the figures completely astounded us.

The total net worth of the Kenya Kwanza government’s nominations for the Cabinet is Sh15.25 billion, with Musalia Mudavadi leading the pack with a net worth of $4 billion. But is KRG’s self-evaluated net worth that surprised us more.

Who Is KRG the Don?

KRG the Don is a rapper and self-declared billionaire. KRG The Don’s birthdate is January 14, 1991. He grew to be regarded as one of Kenya’s richest musicians. His first dancehall tune, “Whine and Drop,” was a hit. Fast Cash Music is the record label he founded.

KRG the Don Net Worth

To join the discussion, musician KRG also disclosed his net worth, which he pegged at Ksh 5 billion! KRG is without a doubt one of the 254 musicians with the highest net worth.

Additionally, it is apparent from the assets he has. However, internet users are still sceptical about his wealth. Eddie Butita, a comedian, believes that KRG is misleading us with the facts.

KRG Shrew Investment

He claimed that his family indirectly invested in him after realizing his ability. “Being a smart child my entire life, I began earning money while still in school as early as my senior year of high school.

I only needed sh 40k, but my father used to give me a lot of money—about sh 150k. I was cautious and used it sensibly ” He continued by saying that he began loaning the money to other kids as a kind of business.

I used to deliver clothes to my pals since they could afford them when I was studying in Kampala. Eventually, I became a millionaire. KRG stated that the majority of the lethargic people allege he is engaged in the money-laundering industry, also known as “Wash wash.”

When someone is depressed and unwilling to put in the effort, they can make up any narrative. They attempt to claim that it is criminal activity since friends of mine have been named in the “wash wash” affair.

KRG stated that he is prepared to account for his fortune and that anyone who has any reservations about it should report him to the appropriate authorities. At the age of 31, he claimed to be a billionaire.

The rapper recently claimed that he spends Sh100,000 every day on fuel plus lunch. “I spend 100,000 per day. I am not a typical Kenyan. I make good use of my time. Some folks simply sit about doing nothing except kuchapa story, ” KRG said. 

He claimed to have investments in the real estate, transportation, and music industries. “Additionally, I have cooperated with many brands and planted trees. I don’t prioritize my music above all else. Because of this, you won’t find me in any music trends.”

KRG Response

KRG was forced to respond after noticing all the naysayers make disparaging remarks regarding his net worth.

Kwanini watu wanakasirikia success yangu? Niko na pesa na sio tafadhali… Na pesa zangu sio za kupea watu bure coz naendelea kuchanga ndio nifikie akina Elon Musk and the other dollar billionaires.”

KRG the Don Controversy

Even though KRG is well off, not everyone believes him when he says he is worth $5 billion. Do you share his opinions on the matter? Rapper KRG the Don has explained how he became wealthy. The flamboyant rapper claimed anyone who questions his money is lazy.


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