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I was introduced to ‘vulnerable sexuality’ at six -Rapper Eva Alordiah

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Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah, has spoken out about her unwilling debut into the world of sex as a child. On Wednesday, in a series of tweets addressing questions she received during her Instagram stories Question and Answer session, the rapper revealed that she was introduced to “vulnerable sexuality” at the age of six.

Alordiah also condemned fans who were in the habit of peering into her sex life and trying to use the same as a “yardstick to measure how good of a woman” she was. She wrote, “So yesterday someone asked me in QnA in my stories if I was a virgin. I understand this question considering the type of society I grew up in. It is a sort of yardstick to measure how ‘good’ of a woman you are. Every time I put up a QnA, there is always that one cow who asks this question, ‘Are you a virgin?’ “No. And you must be very stupid to go around asking women you don’t know questions like this. I may be wrong but I don’t think I have ever seen this question directed at men.”

Alordiah further stated, “When the concept of being a virgin is brought up, it’s the ‘woman’ who is expected to be a Virgin.”

Thankfully, Life taught me different and my unique experience ensured that against my will, I was introduced to my own vulnerable sexuality at age six,” she disclosed. Eva maintained that her case was not peculiar, as many “men and women today carry heavy sexual trauma” because they were introduced to sex far too early in life.

She further condemned society’s judgemental nature which deterred people from opening up about their sexual abuse. “Many kids cover up the scars of the sexual abuse within, have no one to talk to, and then have to face a society that expects you to be perfect, untouched, and holy, otherwise you are going to hell,” she tweeted.

The rapper who recently made her comeback to the music scene maintained that she neither cared about society’s purity standards nor did she want to be seen as anyone’s role model. She said, “I’m a born sinner, not your idea of holy and I’ll never fit your model of perfect. So please, don’t look up to me. Look in the mirror.”

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