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HipHopHead: Top 10 Underground Rap Videos [Week 2]

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Last week, we debuted the HipHopHead Top 10 Underground Rap Videos in Nigeria.

ICYMI: HipHopHead: Top 10 Underground Rap Videos [Week 1]

Over the past few months, Nigerian social media has been awash with several conversations on the state of hip-hop in the country. While some music enthusiasts and industry players are of the opinion that the genre of music has succumbed to the upbeat tempo of Afrobeats and Afropop and has met its end in the country, others remain staunch believers in the Nigerian rappers’ ability to weave words together to make bars and put together flows that will land safely in the hearts of music lovers and find good footing on charts, to lead the much-needed revival of hip-hop in the country. While rappers like LadiPoe, aptly called the leader of the revival, Cheque and Blaqbonez who is self-touted as the best rapper in Africa have been able to hold theirs in the recent jet age of Nigerian music, chart evidence and statistics continue to favour other genres such as Afropop, street hop, and even the alternative scene has witnessed a more significant boon. Regardless, there is a lot of work to be done to bring Nigerian Hip-hop back up to a place of pride, and it isn’t by blame-bandying and problems-slanging, so in this story, we attempt to spotlight the works of young and promising Nigerian rappers (Underground) who have been upholding Nigerian hip-hop by putting their unique spin on it. Taking a look at their lyricism, rap oeuvres that walk the talk, and recency, HipHopHead in collaboration with HipHop Africa presents to you a weekly Top 10 Underground Rap Videos in Nigeria, Week 2.

Here are the Top 10 Underground Hip Hop Videos Week 2

10. @gotheeqsykik – Haka Kowai

9. ‎@presidentzikbhp  – Switching Scenes (feat. @iamhotyce)

8. @iamTyoonz – ZONE  (feat. @ElzinoSzn x @SMRT x Ely Jakez)  

7. @Wurdplay – Shaye Foreign

6. @rebelwav6798  – Arrival

5. @Aaronbillz X @Rhymingprophet Inner G

4. @Pizzodalp – Africa

3. @Billydolomite – Deserve More (feat. Avid The Lyrikal)

2. @Itzfozter.YP – Icho (feat. @Kingrexxie)

1. J.ICE x @Bionicthesoulking – You can’t breathe (feat. @Psalmuraiseven)


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