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HipHop Africa New Discovery: Rapcha from Tanzania

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Tanzanian rapper, Rapcha caught the attention of HipHop Africa when it was rumoured that he was engaged in a beef with another rapper. A source close to HipHop Africa revealed that it wasn’t a beef or diss, as Rapcha was only trying to make things clear with his track “Story Nyingine” which means “Another Story”. His aim was to clarify some issues in his musical career. The track, however, raised some misunderstanding, as another rapper alleged that Rapcha accused him of liking a tweet on Twitter which contained derogatory statements about him (Rapcha). Rapcha was of the notion that why would the rapper who he considered a friend like a tweet that conveyed negative messages about him? Another Tanzanian rapper went ahead and recorded a diss track for Rapcha which led to Rapcha’s latest diss track titled “Nyu’clear Story Freestyle.

Rapcha was born in Shinyanga, Tanzania in 1999. He released his first song in 2015. In 2016, he released “MAD OVER YOU (REMIX)“, “NAMTAKA” and in 2017, he released KIJOGOO” thereafter in 2018, he released his debut Mixtape titled JUST A STEP and in June 2018 P-Funk Majani spotted Rapcha on Instagram when he was promoting his MixtapeIn December 2018, Rapcha met P-Funk Majani for the first time in Dar es salaam and in 2019 he was officially signed under  Bongo Records. He currently lives and works in Dar es salaam,  Tanzania.

Rapcha has appeared and performed at the following listed events below:


This concert is organized by the Ministry of information, Culture, Arts and Sports. Rapcha performed in 2021 and 2022


This concert is organized by one of the major radio stations in Tanzania E-fm once a year, Rapcha performed in 2022.


This concert is organized by the Horizon, Rapcha performed in 2021.


This concert is organized by one of the major radio stations in Tanzania Clouds F-m, Rapcha performed in 2020 and 2021


This concert is organized by the Ministry of information, Culture, Arts and Sports. Rapcha performed in 2021 and 2022

The Tanzanian rapper also has a strong audience on platforms;


Rapcha on Spotify has got many streams from Tanzania with more than 1000+ streams followed by Kenya with 800+ streams and the United State Of America with 197 streams per month.


Rapcha has got 10m+ total streams on Boomplay.


Rapcha has got 7m+ total views on Youtube.


Rapcha on Apple Music has got many streams per month most in Tanzania with more than 674 plays followed by the United States with 272 plays and Kenya with 31 plays.

Aside from music, Rapcha has a clothing line brand known as “WANANGU99” which means people who always keep it real 99% percent and people who support Rapcha on everything 99%. Its set to be 99% and not 100% because no one is perfect and anyone can do wrong anytime.

Wanangu99 was established in 2019 and it has been able to sell its products in Tanzania and some other people in East African countries. Rapcha has a plan to make Wanangu99 one of the biggest African-owned clothing brands in the World.

Rapcha is planning to tour 5 cities in Tanzania and East Africa in general after the release of his Album. Touring will also include launching his new products and giving back to his community.

Also, Rapcha is planning to engage himself in the movies industry whereby he will be making his movies and is open to joining other movies in which he will be featured.

Rapcha has a big dream of being one of the greatest of all time in music history in the World and uplifting millions of people by giving back to his community and raising others Also he has a goal of making a positive impact on the culture and influence many youth and children out there to chase their dreams from Africa to the whole World.

He has a huge desire to have a chance to make a record with Chronixx, Popcaan, Olamide, Kendrick Lamar, Black Sheriff, BNXN fka Buju, Asake & Young Bleu.

Instagram: @rapcha_tz
Twitter: @rapcha_tz
TikTok: @rapcha_tz
Calls/Whatsapp: +255 742 101 035, +255 745 383 196


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