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HipHopHead: Top 10 Nigerian Underground Rap Videos [Week 9]

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Here are the Top 10 Underground Hip Hop Videos Week 9

We return this week with the HipHopHead Top 10 Underground Rap Videos in Nigeria.

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In our usual tradition, we bring you the Top 10 Underground Hip Hop Videos for Week 7.

Views, Retweets and Reactions/Engagements solely judge the Top 10 Underground Hip Hop Videos of the week.

This week, two new entries find their way onto the Chart. That means two songs have been kicked off the chart as well.

It’s sad to see the Rap Revolutionary Cypher and Pizzo da Lp’s “Africa” leave the top 10 charts, but we are happy for some fresh tunes.

Provibez debuts on the chart at number 8 while Word Slay makes a grand entry all the way to number 6.

Dr. Barz records the highest climb this week from the 7th number to the 4th on the chart, while it was a massive slide for Billy Dolomite from the 6th to the 9th.

Check Out The Chart Below for more…

10. Tyoonz – ZONE  (feat. Elzino Szn x SMRT x Ely Jakez)

9. Billy Dolomite – Deserve More (feat. Avid The Lyrikal)

8. Provibez – Candy Shop Freestyle

7. Hotyce – My People Dey H (feat. Odumodublvck and Reeplay)

6. Word Slay – Don’t know why (feat Mado and Uredo)

5. J. ICE x Bionic the soul king – You can’t breathe (feat. Psalmurai)

4. Dr Barz – Femi, Tony and Timi (The Truth about elections)

3. Gotheeq – Haka Kowai

2. President Zik  – Switching Scenes (feat. Hotyce)

1. Fozter.YP – Icho (feat. Kingrexxie) –


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