Sunday, December 10, 2023

Flvme Releases THE LOST PACK: Vol. 1

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Following an unfortunate incident that lead to the theft of his equipment over a week ago, Flvme swore to release an EP titled THE LOST PACKS: Vol. 1 to help counter any possible leaking of his music by the criminals.

Keeping to his word, he officially drops the 7-track project, complete with some of the songs he had previously previewed leading up to the robbery.

The project opens with THANK YOU JESUS followed by GRATEFUL, where Flvme shows gratitude for life, his support system, and the ability to make a living doing what he loves despite the challenges.

Though recorded long before the robbery occurred, the songs speak volumes considering that despite what happened, Flvme is alive and well, and is getting back on his feet to fight harder.

He carries his signature trap style throughout the project. HOW I LIVE is a high-energy song as Flvme describes his day-to-day; working hard and making hits.

He soon switches it up, wearing his heart on his sleeve as he seranades his love interest in SHE LIKES ME down to ALL I AM.

As winter fast approaches, many fans had been requesting the rapper to drop something soft to accommodate the snuggle weather and I believe many of his supporters will be very happy with these additions.

Stream the project below:

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