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Hommie Blaze Shares Infectious Debut EP “Lost & Found”

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Ghana’s music scene and African Hiphop scene welcomes a vibrant newcomer, Hommie Blaze. The versatile new artist announces his name on the scene with an infectious debut EP, “Lost & Found.” The exciting new release showcases the emerging artist’s eclectic talent and creative vision while offering a captivating peek into his musical world.

With “Lost & Found,” Hommie Blaze invites listeners to explore a sonic landscape where heartfelt lyricism meets infectious melodies. He uses his experience as a guide, creating an immersive world whose beauty drags on in the mind long after the music fades. The EP does this exceptionally well and presents Hommie Blaze as a confident artist who has found his stride. This confidence shines through, culminating in an effortless blend of Hip-Hop and Trap flavors that will have listeners leaning in heavily.

Hommie Blaze expressed his excitement when speaking about his latest work in a press release. “‘Lost & Found’ is a labor of love that I couldn’t be any less proud to share with the world,” he shared.

Each track is a piece of my soul and I hope it will deeply resonate with my listeners and others who are yet to discover my music

Hommie Blaze

Hommie’s four offerings are led by the focus track, ‘Lost & Found.’ This aptly titled opener serves as a poignant reflection on the highs and lows of life, encapsulating themes of self-discovery, resilience and hope. Each message captivates, with the artist’s soulful vocals and engaging lyrics giving them their wow factor.

That out of the way, ‘Reminisce,’ ‘Road’ and ‘YCKMV’ all roll in, respectively, to offer a deeper dive into “Lost & Found.” Hommie’s output flows beautifully into Jay Erl’s groovy rhythms on each turn, leading to a cascade of bright moments. Sosawavegod’s brilliant engineering also comes in handy and ensures the rapper’s vocals pop around the clock.

“Lost & Found” is Hommie’s debut EP and promises to be the first of many more ground-breaking releases from the rising star whose music defies genre boundaries. He is a Ghanaian artist striving to create unique music through soulful vocals and introspective lyrics that capture his spark.

Check Out ROad on YouTube. Hommie Blaze’s Debut Music Video
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