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Brand New: Latino Perrico Comes Through With “Honest Dollars”

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Latino Alvarez Perrico is a rapper and sound engineer who has made significant headway with his contemporary sound attracting a lot of reverence from his listeners. Latino Perrico is also an abstract artist and performer which is why he plays with natural, radio and experimental sounds when it comes to his music.

He recently released a new tune titled “Honest Dollars” and on this tune, he brings along his Sound Engineer, Vibesscity to bless it.

Listen to the tune below. Also, follow with the lyrics below.

Honest Dollars Lyrics
Ain’t nobody in the kinda league
Ain’t nobody in the kinda league I’m in
I’m playing for the Babylon crews
Praying that the Babylon loose
Slanging Quarter onces
Snatching purses
Snatching purses snatching horses off the marching army
Please don’t search my storage
Please don’t search my stocking
I might not be lucky
I might not be lucky
One hundred and forty four species
But none of them sounding like me
Don’t care if it’s written in italics
All you niggas be capping
I’m practical with it I don’t practice shit
I don’t really know what the plan is here
I promise I ain’t Mosеs
Or counting up Roses in the Chaplin
But I know how to split the Atlantic
Stagе four cancer I’m mad Ill
It’s gonna take more than Advil’s yeah
It’s gonna take more than 44 tactics
Can’t believe y’all didn’t ask me
Honest Dollars Honest lover
Can’t be found upon this corners baby
This left my brothers in the bathtub
I pray commas and my God come save me
What it do? What it do? What it do mate?
Mic money in the bank me and sensei
We been sneaking in the Stu, never sleeping with the moon
We been fucking with the crew, we yakuzay
Too sore for sore eyes, i aim a four sight, my type It don’t die
I want my—right
You know what it is
Making every dollar
Never up against
A nigga gotta eat
Every God-made one day must die
Always caught up in the moment men I can’t lie
Ain’t nobody in the kinda league I’m in
Pressure kill countless thousands
Also pressure make Diamonds
I told you I don’t care about RiRis
Jippies and the baddies here
Floozies Bad bitch
I’m might just stick it in my panties
Or in my genes
Or pee in the latrine with it
Like I don’t know what to do with it exactly
Like I don’t know what to do with it exactly
Like I don’t know how to make your
I don’t care if it’s written in italics
All of your bitches are capping
All of your bitches are capping
Your foundation is crappie
It Took me a lot to maintain the building
I’m working in please don’t interrupt me
I owe to whoever that doubt me
I owe to whoever that love me
But ain’t no love
When everybody gat a grumbling stomach
Secrets gonna turn to aromas
Can’t let y’all smell my persona
Oh shit oh shit
Girl it is what it is darling
Everyone gat to eat don’t they
I don’t wanna end up in stomach
Cuz honest dollars
Cuz Honest Dollars honest lovers
Is hard to find upon this corners baby
Yeah this left my father in a Bataúd
I pray commas and my God come save me


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