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Blxckie Shoots Visuals For #Ronda

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Blxckie took a trip to Lost Angeles a couple of weeks ago for his SXSW debut and was generous enough to give us updates on his trip.

During his stay in California, in between sightseeing and visiting the popular Ice Box jewelry store, the rapper got to kick it in the studio with St. Louis producer, ChaseTheMoney, as well as Nelly Furtado.

Now, Somnyama looks back to his 2022 offering, THE4MULA, to shoot visuals for Ronda.

“RONDA. SOON,” shared Blxckie on his social media pages. The post was accompanied by pictures from the shoot with the rapper draped in denim and a ski mask, posed in front of a backdrop of high, rocky mountains and dunes.

It’s evident Blxckie has reached a new level of artistry that his supporters are beyond excited about. “This one needs an Oscar! Motion picture of the year,” admitted his tour Dj, Dj D Double D.

Blxckie also shared a short teaser rapping along to an unknown song. “7 second snippet just to bambel,” said the rapper.

Check back soon when we finally get more from Somnyama.

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