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A-Reece’s Younger Brother ‘KAYDENCE’ Drops New EP.

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All through 2021, a new sensation hit South African hip hop, with his slew of viral acapella freestyles, physical and musical resemblance to superstar elder brother ‘A-Reece,’ KAYDENCE who went by King Kay at the time caught the eyes of Mzansi’s rap fans who have been asking for official music from him.

Kay’s fresh face may be new to the hip-hop scene but his name isn’t, the young lyricist has hip hop royalty bloodline in his veins and has been referenced many times by his two older brothers who are established rappers by the names A-Reece and Jay Jody.

The earliest mention of Kay was in the song ‘Family’ on Reece’s debut album ‘Paradise‘ when he said ”lil Kay, me and Jody gonna make a Paradise for you.”

Probably the latest mention of Kay was on the intro to A-Reece’s last mixtape, ‘Mark 15:35.’ The line reads ”never thought my n***a Kay would tell me I should read the bible more.”

The young rapper who recently changed his rap name from King Kay to KAYDENCE has been learning from his big bros as one listens to him rap one is instantly reminded of A-Reece, he also took his big bro’s pinache and confidence.

A listen to the ‘H.E.I.R’ EP one is reminded of earlier Reece projects like ‘Forever King‘ and ‘BROWNIEZ.’

The EP’s title stands for ‘Honoring Evidently Is Respect,’ it’s obvious he is trying to pay homage to the ones that came before him and paved the way for his success in the persons of Jody and Reece.

The Five tracker EP is worth giving a listen , watch out for the nostalgia if you’re a day one A-Reece fan.

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