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A-Reece Shares His Top 5 SA Lyricists List

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A-Reece who is known as one of the best lyricists in Africa over the last decade just launched his label with his brother Jay Jody and TKay from the rap group Benchmarq. During the launch, Reece shared a list of the top 5 lyricists he looks up to and influenced him from the plethora of rap talents Mzansi has seen.

Baby Boy named AKA as the only active rapper on the list, knowing Reece’s love for Kiernan in his early days this was no surprise to day one fans. The rest of the list comprised late or no longer active veteran emcees Pro Kid, HHP, Stogie T and Zeus.

“Stogie T definitely, I always Music From My Good Eye, this album that sh*t f*ck me up you know when I was telling in primary school I was like damn how can someone put on words together like this, you know like this sounds amazing,” he said.

He added; “so I say Stogie, Pro, rest in peace Pro, you know what bro I see him as like a Jay-Z in terms of the craft because it’s like no matter what Pro did if it was on an average level, you just have to put it on a pedestal because it’s like, he is just too great at what he does.”

“Zeus. I said Pro, I said Stogie, HHP, i mean dawg he made Mostwako fashionable rest in peace HHP, he said. Zeus from Bostwana, fifth I’m gonna have to say because i feel like I’m forgetting but let me go a little more towards the younger generation these n*ggas, yo AKA Levels changed my life, 24/7 365 that sh*t changed my life AKA too bro,” he said.

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