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A ‘Pretty Ugly’ Knockout for Priddy Ugly Against Cassper, South Africans Nickname Boxing Match ‘2 Minutes Noodles’

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The South African world of boxing and music came together to celebrate a star studded night of music, boxing and entertainment variety at #Celebcity celebrity boxing match between Mafikeng rapper and entrepreneur Cassper Nyovest and Angolan born rapper and husband to Bontle Modiselle, Priddy Ugly. This is the the third celebrity boxing fight organized by Nyovest and his team. The idea spawned from Nyovest wanting to take his rap beef with AKA to the physical front claiming he wanted to ”hurt AKA” in the boxing ring, the latter lost his fiance and had to back out of the fight so controversial SA Youtuber Slik Talk had to take his place.

Nyovest defeated Slik Talk in the fight and despite the latter’s appeals for a rematch claiming he didn’t have enough time to train, Nyovest moved on to fight Amapiano artist NaakMusiq, to whom he lost in April.

Despite the loss, Don Biliato did not desist from making future plans between the ropes, as he went on social media to seek challengers for the next fight, rumours flew of several celebrities picking u the gauntlet, Priddy Ugly eventually accepted to enter the ring with Tsibip.

During the preparations for the match there were concerns about the weight difference between both fighters and had Cassper was obliged to lose a few pounds to be closer to the same weight category as Priddy, even at that the height and size differences were greatly in Cassper’s favour.

After the fight on Saturday night former MTVBase VJ Sizwe Dhlomo voiced his opinion that Priddy Ugly walked into a trap accepting that fight, stating the odds were greatly against him and Cassper should have picked on somebody his own size.

The fight Cassper Vs Priddy Ugly fight ended almost as soon as it began, as only one of the slated five rounds was fought before Cassper was declared winner in a first-round knockout, leaving Priddy Ugly on the floor three times.

One could see the great size disadvantage an lack of preparation as Piddy struggled to lad punches and trail his opponent around the ring, Cassper’s wingspan gave him an added advantage against the much shorter Luanda born rapper.

In addition Nyovest has been training for boxing matches for almost two years since he was supposed to fight AKA in 2021, and Pridy just started training few months ago for his fight with Nyovest.

Netizens have been dropping 2 cents after 2 cents since the fight ended nicknaming the fight ”two minutes noodles’ as it didn’t last nearly as long as they expected, and Priddy Ugly being the butt of so many jokes amidst others calling on AKA to fight Cassper as Priddy Ugly was unfair competition to Cassper’s advantage.

After the fight, Priddy Ugly congratulated Nyovest on a well-deserved victory and urged the people to support the growing spotlight on the sport of boxing.

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