Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Zingah Says A-Reece and Not Mashbeatz Should Have Song of the Year

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Retired South African rapper Zingah formerly known as Smashis has voiced out his disagrement with the SAHHA nominations and general public opinion of which song should get Song of the year for 2022.

He took to Twitter, Zingah stated that Maglera Doe Boy has the verse of the year with A-Reece having the song of the year in God Like. “Maglera has verse of the year. Rap song the year has to be Reece with GODLIKE though,” tweeted Zingah.

Zingah reiterated that MashBeatz’ Never Ride would’ve become the song of the year if Sete and Lemons (Lemonade) were not in existence. “If we were to discount Sete and Lemons, I would agree.” Zingah responded in a tweet.

Do you agree with Zingah? What are your Verse of the year and song of the year?

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