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WATCH: Top 5 Songs That Made AKA The King Of SA’s Hip Hop

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Every artist hopes to produce a body of work that will outlive them. AKA, real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, gave us with timeless hits.

Before his untimely death on Friday night, AKA had planned to release his highly anticipated album Mass Country on February 27.

Supamega began his musical career as a member of the hip-hop group Entity, which included Vice Versa, Greyhound, and AKA, before going solo in 2009.

These are the top five songs that AKA has blessed us with and that we will most likely remember for the rest of our lives.

‘Fela In Versace’

This hit is sitting on 10 million views on YouTube. AKA featured Kiddominant and what they created here can never be done.


This song is from Levels, his platinum-selling second album. Compusure is one song that distinguishes AKA as a talented lyricist in the hip-hop game.

All Eyes on Me

This will go down as the best collab in South African hip-hop history.. AKA featured Burna Boy, Da Les and JR.

The World Yours

This song’s flow is effortless. This is the type of song that makes you want to go to the world and claim what’s yours.


This track was release 4 years ago but this slaps. We can all agree that AKA is timeless.


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