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The Narrator CPT: Taking over Kaapstad

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Alex Damons better known as The Narrator CPT is taking over “Kaapstad”.

If you’re from Cape Town then you would have heard of songs like ‘Be Mine’ or his very latest freestyle ‘The Kings Speech’. Although ‘Be Mine’ was only released on all streaming platforms in July 2020 he has been making a name for himself since 2017 with numerous freestyles on Instagram which gained him 82 661 total views at the time. Since 2017 things have most certainly changed.

I remember speaking to Alex in 2020 and he expressed “I am a voice for those who can’t speak or don’t know how to speak for themselves. I was put on this earth to inspire those around me and build a better community for others to thrive. The only way we can better ourselves is by uplifting others”.  

Two years had passed, and I wondered if after having so much personal growth and being more involved in the music industry if he would feel the same way. 

In his latest interview with Hiphop Africa, he expresses himself in a more thoughtful way coming across as someone who has matured in a physical aspect but also grown in his way of thinking. He is now well informed and knows that the music industry is not all “buddy, buddy” as it way appears from the outside. 

I asked Alex how he would describe the music industry and he said war. Even this doesn’t phase him. He has embraced the challenge of going to war with other artists and wanting to be the best. There is no settling for second place, and he is determined to be the best no matter what it takes.

Alex Damons calls himself the storyteller of the Cape. In our very interview, I remember him sharing: “ I was put on this earth to inspire those around me and build a better community for others to thrive. The only way we can better ourselves is by uplifting others.”    

Just about three years later The Narrator is praised by those in his community for being a positive role model for the younger generation. Role models are hard to come by in a community that is afflicted with crime and gangsterism. Fully embracing this next step in his career, he now wants to do more collaborations with other artists and expand outside of his usual fanbase.

“As I grow and I experienced more of life my music will change, I always want it to remain that impactful to people, hearing little children scream my name when I walk in the street keeps me going. “ 

The Narrator CPT

This interview has been lightly edited for the purpose of clarity and context. The interview consists of two parts this being part 1.

Daniel Young: How does it feel to have come so far in your music career?

The Narrator CPT: Having come so far has been fulfilling for one. I say fulfilling because I can do anything that I want. I have reached a point in my career where whatever I put my mind to, I feel that I can achieve.

Daniel Young: I know that working towards a certain objective, can cause you not to be fully present in the moment. How do you manage to stay present in times like this?

The Narrator CPT:  It’s good that you ask that question. I always feel that I can do more. I think that being satisfied leads to laziness. When you become satisfied then you don’t want to be ambitious anymore and you lose that hunger to want to win all the time. I think that not being satisfied will take me than I am already. Looking back, I am proud that I overcame certain moments in my life.

Daniel Young: What advice would you give your younger self?

The Narrator CPT:  You get exactly what you desire. We can all say that we want certain things but it’s our actions that will show if we really want those things. At the end of the day, we are only going to reap the fruits of our labour. Another thing that I would tell my younger self is that I shouldn’t give up either rather put it the hard work now so that I won’t have to regret anything later.

Daniel Young: When you are going through difficult times, what is your mindset like?

The Narrator CPT: Honestly speaking I feel that I don’t dwell on things too much. I can make all the plans and write things down on a whiteboard but ultimately its God’s plan over mine. I really trust God to make my plans prosper.

Daniel Young: In terms  of making music has there been any difficulty?

The Narrator CPT: Yes, I would say that it is the pressure that I put on myself. Nobody can really influence what I do on the outside but I think that its more of an internal factor. I am my own biggest critic if I am honest. I always tell myself that I can do things better whether that is writing music or even the recording process. Even with my writing I would need to write things in a certain way for people to understand it.  So even with that I am thinking of ways that I can make the listening experience for the listener better. That is a lot of pressure that I carry but its all personal of course.

Daniel Young: Pressure? How do you manage to keep that balance of it being a positive thing and not a negative one…

The Narrator CPT: I don’t think that I have the balance yet if I am being completely honest. Most people that win is motived by pressure. I personally don’t ever want to be content where I am. I think that the pressure that I put on myself will help me to grow where I want to be. I think that 70% pressure is better than 30% pressure. I always want to keep my foot on the pedal.

Daniel Young: I would you describe the current landscape of South African music?

Alex Damons: That’s a good question. I don’t even know if I have the proper answer to that question. Now it feels all over the show. I feel that in you ask this question to 5 different rappers in the music industry then you would get 5 different answers. I personally feel that the market is oversaturated. I feel that there is so many rappers and so many people that doesn’t want to even make music, but they call themselves artist. I feel that in Cape Town we don’t have enough unity, we are always stressing the importance of unity and being together as a community but at the moment that is happening. The sad part is that if we stay in Cape Town there is a glass ceiling. There is always that movement where artists from Cape Town move to Johannesburg to grow their brand. We all know that Johannesburg is on fire right now as always, but Cape Town can also get there if we increase our unity.

Daniel Young: Where do you see yourself in the current landscape?

The Narrator CPT: I feel that I am that person who has a gap in the market. I will tell you why. I don’t swear in any of my music, I don’t think that it is necessary to even do so. I feel that people swear if they don’t have any more lyrics to say. I speak about things that I experience, and I feel that other people just speak about cars and jewelry. That type of content can only last for so long before people get  tired and bored of it.

In our next interview The Narrator CPT will be discussing more about his music releases for the year.

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