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Reason Defends Cassper’s Drip Footwear Business Partner Against Online Criticism

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Reason Defends Cassper’s Drip Footwear Business Partner Against Online Criticism. Rapper Reason is known to say a few controversial things at times but it seems that he knows where to draw the line. Recently the rapper defended popular sneaker brand Drip Footwear founder Freddy Lekau Sehoana from online criticism. Cassper has a partnership with the local sneaker brand, he signed a R100 million deal with Lekau earlier this year and they dropped the Root of Fame sneaker which has become highly popular among consumers. Lekau has unfortunately made headlines as he is being sued for 34% of his business.

Reason recently shared his thoughts on a tweet that criticized Lekau’s contract with the Pretoria investor that is suing him. The rapper was not here for the negative sentiments regarding Lekau’s situation and he responded to the tweep and shared with the Twitter user that instead of hating and hating, people should be supporting the businessman. Reason in his post shared that it breaks his heart to see black people laughing at each other’s mistakes. “We should all be crying. Not laughing,” remarked the rapper. Reason  may certainly have a point, as it is often said do not kick a man while he is down.

According to Sunday World, Lekau is being sued by Alfred Mashiya for 34% of his company. The two are said to have entered into a “contract of investment” where he loaned him R45 700 to pay for 200 pairs of sneakers. The Drip Footwear founder was meant to pay back the loan before December 31, 2019, with an interest of R18 000 and also R100 from the first 5000 sneakers that were sold. The two also agreed that in the event Lekau defaulted in paying the R100 from the first 5000 pairs he would be entitled to shares.

“In light of the breach and as per the contract, I’m entitled to 34% of Drip Footwear company calculated from the 1st of August 2020, being the date of the breach until the day of the fourth day of September 2020, being the date which I instructed my attorney to execute a letter of demand to have the second respondent issue the demanded shares of the company into my name, the demand which the second responded ignored, ” read an affidavit that Sunday World has seen.

Cassper’s legacy deal with the sneaker brand with Lekau is not mentioned in Sunday World’s report, a sign that things are still in order. The deal when it was initially announced received online backlash by the public who wanted to understand the deal better. The deal was announced before Cassper had even dropped his sneaker, however, it does seems that deal is worth every cent as according to Mufasa the sneaker is selling out.

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