Thursday, October 5, 2023

Reason Calls Out AKA for Saying Rappers Who Switched to Amapiano are Vultures

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Amapiano artist Sizwe Alakine formerly known rapper Reason has called out his industry colleague AKA for certain provoking lyrics on his latest song ‘Lemons’ with Nasty C.

The lyrics read ”People say “Hip hop died”, that’s nonsense / Thank God they showed their true colours / Switched up piano like vultures.”

Reason took to Twitter to speak his mind about the sentiments of the Cape Town rapper’s words and he how he feels about it, stating that AKA has is showcasing double standards and not living what he preaches.

The tweet read “Hearing @akaworldwide say “Thank God they showed they true colours/ Switched up piano like Vultures” is problematic to me. Especially from a hip hop artist saying this on an Afrobeat record. Like… who you talking about exactly?”. Reason went on to say “031 Choppa, Big Zulu, Costa, Blxckie, Reason, Kwesta… are all hip hop artists who make piano. Does that line mean @akaworldwide considers all of us as vultures for that? Like? You make AfroBeat records my nigga. Why you the only one that can “switch” genres???

Enjoy the visuals of Lemons below.

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