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Rapper Fecko Reveals How He Made His New Video ‘Work Chop’ With Just One Continuous Shot.

Says, "There was no break in between — from start to finish."

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The first-ever ‘Take Back The Mic’ Champion, Ifeanyi Chukwuebuka Ibegbunam popularly known as Fecko has let the cat out of the bag on how he was able to make the visuals of his latest single, “Work Chop”.

He recently posted a short video of his radio interview with The Beat 99.9FM Lagos, on his Official Youtube Channel where he addressed the uniqueness of his new music video and how it was shot.

Daniji Emmanuel of HipHopAfrica reached out to Fecko, so as to have him shed more insight on the new video and the rapper revealed this;

“I recorded ‘Work Chop’ to inspire young people in Africa to become entrepreneurs. Na person wey work, go chop. The song was produced by Teck-Zilla and additional guitar by Akin Stringz.

We shot the music video in Accra, Ghana. It was directed by Yung Pabi, who also featured on the song alongside Villy. The unique concept about the video is that it was a continuous single shot. There was no break in between — from start to finish. So, we had to rehearse multiple times and create various sets before shooting. Last time I saw a video almost similar to ‘Work Chop’ is when Lil Wayne dropped ‘A Milli’. Much love to all the cast on set. They brought the visuals to life.

Our video has been getting rotation on MTV and other streaming platforms. Y’all need to check it out if you dig that undiluted Afrocentric vibe.”

You can check out the BTS Pictures from the making of the video below:

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