For the better part of a decade, the Nigerian hip hop scene has been dominated by male rap artistes. Although a couple of girls did their bit, they would fizzle out of mainstream consciousness sooner than expected. We can call on the names of female rappers  like Weird MC, Blaise, Sasha P, Eva, Kel, Muna and Zee and others who stood bar for bar against their male counterparts.
But but due to lack of consistency, a factor that has been identified as one of the major setbacks for female rappers, the niche has been under-represented.
Regrettably, this has left the new generation of female rappers with no baton to pass to and no genre-specific vision
to run with. They have no real mentors, no voice and no dedicated following fan base. But, regardless of all this, there is a new crop of Femcees who are not relenting in their efforts to reach super-stardom.
These ones are not slowing down their game. They are steadily making a bold attempt to lay a new and long awaited foundation for the sub-niche; to bring back the era of Femcee relevance.
This new generation offers an undying passion for the rap trade. With consistency, they represent a vibrant, resilient love for the culture. Burning with an undiluted, unadulterated desire to actually rap. This generation notably consists of Phlow, Mz Kiss, Tipsy, Ms.Chief, Lucy Q, Jdee, Omentee and many raw talents in the rough, yet to see the light.
However, this generation would not be complete without Reespect also known as 2EE. We present to you this buzzing Femcee, who is currently making waves in the underground Hip hop scene. Armed with a mouth full of words and a menacing demeanor, Reespect is becoming a force to reckon with. And yes, she is the only female rapper at the 2018 Hennessy Vs Class finals. She is the last girl standing.
Here are few things you need to know about Reespect
Born Grace Aisha Hameed, Reespect is a Nigerian rapper, lyricist and songwriter from Taraba state, Nigeria. She is studying Computer Sciences at the Federal University Of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Ondo State.
She began recording and performing professionally in 2016. Her popularity grew very quickly once she became the first female rap artiste, cum first female Director of Socials in the history of FUTA. And as the Director of Socials, she helped organize the Pepenazi Concert in FUTA.

Judging by this attitude, Reespect is sure to give you a run for your money, any time any day. With her energetic and breathtaking performances, she comfortably ranks among the most exciting performers to watch. When asked about her stage craft, she says;

“I am a very good performer, I know how to carry the audience along when I’m performing”
Accordingly, she has graced a host of prominent Hip hop shows in Akure and Lagos including but not limited to, The Coronation, Grab The Iron Mic, The Shack, Pepenazi Concert, Urban Lifestyle Sundays, 90’s Baby among others. She has also participated in the of FUTA RNP Cpyher.
The promising rapper has four singles in her discography. They include her first single, aptly titled Mummy Sade, Far Away, Bad and Badan. She is currently working on her debut mix-tape titled “The Message”. Reespect is not signed to any label at the moment. However she is managed by one of Nigeria’s leading hype-men, and hip hop’s original hype-man Rapmania Tha X.
Follow her on all social channels @itsreespect
Reespect is a lyricist of no mean repute, armed with the perfect charisma and lyrical stamina and depth. And this is no bluff. To prove that, here is a short clip of her honing her skills at Freeme TV’s Zone out Session, a platform for showcasing rap talents.