Ajo, real names Ariong James Oscar is a Ugandan born and raised HIPHOP/RAP recording Artist and songwriter.

The rapper had previously impressed his fans with an EP tittled “No Apologies” and a mixtape “Rap Music I Sing” which he dropped in 2016 and 2014 respectively before releasing his latest 14 Track album titled African Reality earlier this month.

African Reality is an album that talks about Pan Africanism in music form as it dives into assortment of tales, from the first track “African Tales” to “Nuba” and steadily bringing a message about Africa’s first encounter with the foreigners up to the time of rediscovering the pride of being a Blackman in the song Nuba that closes the African section of the album.

The album opens up with its first track “African Tales” where the rapper collaborated with vocalist Sandra Kay and bears that interchange in the chorus, verse and a beat that keeps every listener hooked up.

“Rebirth”, another song on the tracklisting equates to encounters and is a sort of reminder of the people we met that destroyed us directly or indirectly. This is rebuilding. It talks about how colonialists wounded our minds and also a song about breaking mental slavery.

“Icarus” is another banger that had songstress Akongo pull her amazing beautiful vocals on the chorus thus making it one of those favourite pieces on the album.

On a glance,one would definately get carried away by just the album tracklisting and track arrangement where each song has to compliment the one before or after it to tell the whole album story hence each first letter to a tittle of a song were arranged to create the album tittle.

African reality is definitely a hard work product with the Rapper’s energetic flow which embodies a true MC cuddled with his lit bars that won’t fill dead space on a song repeating words. The production itself was definitely perfect with “Nase Avatar” of Port Bell Drive studios, an Award winning Ugandan Producer combined with other names like Sam Lamara.

Other songs that tickle any listener’s mind: Emali, Angels Die, and Transcend.


Well done AJO!!!!


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written by @Emmabarristar

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