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PDSTRN, BARELYANYHOOK,Matosan and Preacher Kingz Grace the 2022 #HennesseyArtistry Stage

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Hosted by Nigerian Hip Hop veteran Vector the Viper, the #HennesseyArtistry cypher is back for its 2022 edition. In a viral video making rounds across all social media platforms, the four chosen emcees can be seen going head to head and holding nothing back over a press conference podium with microphones and flashing lights. These young emcees clearly had a lot to get off their chests, every single one of them.

PDSTRN came in with very high energy to set the stage, with aggression in his voice as he followed up his bars with a vocal performance of a bridge setting the tone for BARELYANYHOOK and then Matosan’s high-pitched voice and Lamar-esque vocal inflections leading to Preacher Kingz’ mural to the many emcees he’s killed.

”They know the ‘The Guy’ but who is ‘that guy,’ who am I? (MI)__ BARELYANYHOOK

”Rappers seems stress (seamstress) like female tailors, I swear he sounds like Nas but looks like Justin Bieber”__ Preacer Kingz

”The goal is to be on stages from MBP to Gidifest, the only box you should put me in dey for TBS”__ PDSTRN

”I’m losing patience (patients) like an ignorant doctor lately”__Matosan

Who do you think had the best verse?

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