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Nigeria born—South African based rapper, C Blaq talks career highlight and upcoming debut EP

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C Blaq born Charles Ebiemi is a Nigeria born—South African based rapper, songwriter, producer, businessman and philanthropist. Since the release of his debut “Waff City Boi” in 2012, the rapper-producer has not stopped exiting music lovers worldwide from which he has built up a loyal base for his impactful hip-hop style, cementing himself as one of the genre top stars on the rise to watch.

In an interview with Journalist C Blaq gave origination of his name the C originates from my first name CHARLES and BLAQ from the colour of my skin which was used to taunt me by my peers as a kid, although I spell black with a Q as a sign of quality. So Black Charles became C BLAQ and that was the beginning of my journey to be one of the greatest of my generation and prove that anything is achievable with self-belief.

C Blaq is in his own lane, trying to birth new sounds and create his own style.From my first release ‘WAFF CITY BOI’ in 2012, it has been an amazing journey so far.

My life without music is like a deep hole filled with darkness and absolute quietness. The chills I get when I see what my life will be without music is terrifying to the point that I have done everything and anything to keep growing from one stage to another despite the pace at which I have been moving. I believe in being slow and steady instead of rushing to failure.

The most important thing is to keep pushing forward towards the light and avoid as many obstacles along the way as possible. Distractions and peer pressure will test your resolve and determination to keep going, it will take something special for you to become successful as a rap artist especially here in Africa.

Having this awareness meant I have to always move differently and avoid the crowded road on my journey to greatness.

C blaq also said his management have put everything that has to do with appearance or performance on hold while working on my forthcoming project. The public will be notified through a press release when we have secured dates and venues for the premiere and launch of my EP project coming up within the year.

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