Wednesday, October 4, 2023

[Must Listen] Journey By Xlimkid Is A New Hustler’s Anthem

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Xlimkid is another talented hiphop artist coming out of the Black Stars Nation of Ghana. Inspired by the current state of the youths and creative industry in Ghana, the young rapper just created his latest single Journey and it’s as real as it gets as he pours out his heart on the trials and challenges on the road to success and stardom as he chases his music dream.

This song is also to inspire every young creative to never give up on themselves because it cant always go the way we expecting buh we can always keep our head up through whatever pain till it’s up, everybody got their own journey


The Young rapper has been at it for a while and he definitely has everything it takes to make a global Rapstar.

Follow the young artist on instagram @xlimkid_

Check out old releases from Xlimkid below

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