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Modenine Releases Visuals For “Breathe” Off His Forthcoming Album, PopKorn + Lyrics

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Nigeria’s rap legend, Modenine puts out a crisp visual for his single, #BREATHE off his forthcoming album, POPKORN THE ALBUM, which is set to be dropping any time now.

The song was released under RedEye Muzik, an Independent Hip Hop label from Lagos, Nigeria. Founded in 2008 and headed by British-born Nigerian hip-hop MC Babatunde Olusegun aka Modenine.

Film Production:

Director: @carrioxanders

Production Assistant: @tigazen.channing_

Design Direction: @ninerbakes

Music Production: @modenine_polimaf

Mix and Master: @iampherow

Additional Vocals: @terrytharapman, @iampherow

Location: Hanover, Germany 

Watch the exciting full video below:


Verse 1

1, They box me in cut my oxygen 

2. They couldn’t get the grapes /I guess they got a bit of fox in em

3. The money and the power is a toxigen ✓    

4 I’m paradoxing em /small poxing em

5. Bars got your mouths wide open I stick my socks I’m em

6. I not impressed with ur blood money stacking

7. Im Kripto currency trading slash rapping

8. Let me breath  jay z doe  still can happen

9. Your out there doing the most sham trapping

10, A fake Activist say he woke he still napping

11. Listen hotep your not from Eygpt

12. Take this blessing like a man please receive it

13. Breath it into your chest and breath out about abundance   

14. You wanna toggle  /one chance

15, it takes two to tango/ come dance

16, I ride “on my enemies like Cassidy and sun dance


1. Rocking IKEja back then with pure talent b

2. I got em all open /u can’t be mad at me

3. Awoshika to alade market I got d Allen key

4. tool box talking u can ask terry madaki

5. —-/beef then it better be Ndama

6. I do me avoiding all unnecessary drama

7. We. Both ball ur Escobar I’m  Valdarama

8. I seen u on d battlefield with no amour

9. That’s like winking at medusa and middle fingering karma

10. Listen I should pull up to ur house

11. Still surprised u ain’t chest the finish line with ur mouth

12. that ain’t polo Ralph you the one that I straight check

13. leave  ur head lumped  like Joan’s youngjaycheck

14. (Thank u the judges ) u messing with the wrong apex

15. Predator  u a little pussy u must hate lex

16. Barking like a fool /u da fake x


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