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Malcolm Rue Talks Gratitude In New Album Yellow Soul 2

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Ugandan-based Nigerian musician Malcolm Rue, born Reuben Kingsley and hails from Imo State, the eastern part of Nigeria. He began music in 2014 as a writer/ poet and then finally moved to music production and recording. His genre of music is Afrobeats mixed with rap, pop, jazz, and urban fusion.

Fresh off the release of his 2021 EP, The Feeling Called Grey, Malcolm Rue introduced us to the beautiful side of life with Yellow Soul 1 in June 2022. Yellow Soul 1, an album of 12 inspirational tracks. All tracks produced by Egarboi, including guest features Dre Murray, S.O, Protek Illasheva, Canton Jones, J’Dess, Daphne Richardson, Kelar Thrillz, Churemi, Oyije, JohnMarie, and Sandra Okafor, Yellow Soul 1 is one project that seamlessly cuts through various African cultures and languages.

“Yellow Soul represents optimism, joy, love, and anticipation for a brighter day,” says Rue.. “Yellow Soul 2 (thank you for the flowers) is born out of gratitude looking where I came from and where I am now, which every one can relate. This is an appreciation album to my fans and those who have been with me so far in my career, my day ones and day nows”.

The project was produced by Egarboi, JohnMarie and Malcolm Rue. The listeners should expect a diverse sound, blend of different genres of music, different languages (igbo, luganda, Latino, Portuguese) different cultures blending with Afrobeat and rap.

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