Monday, April 22, 2024

Listen To Rich Khasino’s DRUMZ EP

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As Promised, Rich Khasino dropped his much-awaited Extended Play titled DRUMZ.

The EP is a 7-Track project with production credit to Chinjong X Chinjong

The EP was released under the CHAM Movement and had been enjoying massive streaming across Cameroon and African countries.

Check out the Track Details below.

Featuring Remz King Khata Billz Spark Boyy Official

Raz-b Jordan Official Kul Wiez @DJ Wazabanga @Kitz Yung Time Official TAKU JOEL

Producer Chinjong X Chinjong

Track 1-6 mixed and mastered by Jayon Otb

Track 7 mixed and masters by @Jus kris

Executive Producer Rich Khasino

Photography by BetterFoto

Creative Directors @jigi The Greatest & Rich Khasino Official

Project artwork and branding by Jigi The Greatest

Stream the EP below and enjoy pure bars out of Cameroon.

Click HERE for the Album


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