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Let’s Discuss Blaqbonez “Back In Uni” Video. Diss Visual or Comedy Skit?

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There have been rumours that Video Director, TG Omori has tagged Blaqbonez visuals for his latest release as a “Skit”.

The Video Director, TG Omori has therefore been roasted by Twitter influencers for calling Blaqbonez’s music video a ‘skit’.

It should be recalled that Blaqbonez took it upon himself to direct the music video for “Back In Uni” because he couldn’t afford the money TG Omori charged him.

Well, a few minutes after Blaqbonez released his music video, TG Omori tweeted “Skits“! A tweet which looked very much like a shade to Blaqbonez.

HipHop Journalist BigDan, pretty much thinks there is more than one person/character who was thrown a jab by Blaqbonez in the video and has taken to Twitter to ask people to mention other people dissed in the video. He tweeted;

“Morning Fams! Have you seen @BlaqBonez’s Video for “Back In Uni”?

Let’s do a roll call here.

How many people/characters did Blaqbonez diss/play in the video?”

What are your thoughts about this?


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Daniji Emmanuel is a content writer who has written hundreds of articles on various niches focusing on Entertainment topics. He’s also published interviews, conducted research and written opinions on the creative industry. BigDan, fondly called, also consults and handles brand promotions for people and organizations in the creative industry. 

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