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Legendary American Rapper Coolio Dies at 59

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The man famously rapped the lyrics Death ain’t nothin’ but a heartbeat away, I’m livin’ life, do or die, what can I say, I’m 23 now, but will I live to see 24? The way things is going, I don’t know,” on his 1995 smash hit ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ has finally passed away after leaving decades beyond his gloomy lyrical prediction for his life expectancy.

The rapper who made ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ for the soundtrack of the film ‘Dangerous Minds‘ was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of a friend’s LA house, his manager Jarez Posey told US media.

Coolio’s cause of death remains unclear, but his manager said the paramedics believe he died from cardiac arrest.

Coolio, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr, won a Grammy for the song and went on to make other big hits in his illustrious career including the internationally known ‘See You When You Get There.’

Celebs have been pouring out their heartfelt tributes to the deceased legends including actress Michelle Pfeiffer who starred in ‘Dangerous Minds,’ Snoop Dogg, and many more.

Pfeiffer said she thought Coolio’s track was the “reason our film saw so much success” and that she still gets “chills” whenever she hears it.

“Heartbroken to hear of the passing of the gifted artist Coolio,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a clip from the famous music video, which sees her sitting across the table from Coolio as he raps.

“A life cut entirely too short,” she continued. “I remember him being nothing but gracious.”

Coolio also ventured into Hollywood, finding himself on several big screen features including roles in films like 1997′s “Batman & Robin,” starring George Clooney.

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