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Kanye West’s Jeen-Yuh’s Trilogy Docu-series Part One Is Out & It’s Got Some Mind-blowing Reveals

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Kanye West, now going by Ye, is one of the most polarizing and esteemed artists to take the world by storm. The jeen-yuhs documentary details the tempestuous path that got him to where he is today.

On February 10th, jeen-yuhs (Act 1), the first of a trilogy, was released in select theaters nationwide. Dedicated fans and analysts ecstatically took this opportunity to enjoy the chronicles of Ye’s early career, before the rest of the world gained access to the archives on streaming platforms.

The audiences were filled with almost exclusively hardcore fans, considering the product would be available for “free” (part of a monthly subscription, which comes in at less than the price of a single movie ticket) in the comfort of their homes. Those that didn’t mind the short wait were gifted views into Kanye West’s journey 6 days later on Netflix.

At 1 hour and 30 minutes long, Act 1 of the jeen-yuhs trilogy focuses on the extremely early conception of Ye’s stardom. We see him before meeting anyone at Roc Nation, before landing a major beat placement – before even moving to New York to kickstart his career. The visual documentation invites us into Kanye’s Chicago: lyricists and beatmakers abroad. Fans are introduced to his first influences, found in city streets and sidewalk studios owned by friends and family. It is truly told from the very beginning, and leaves viewers anticipating the next imstallment.

A moment in the jeen-yuhs documentary that has been making the rounds in people’s minds and social media pages is Ye’s visit to the Roc-A-Fella Records office. The scene shows him, camera crew in tow, playing an early version of the song “All Falls Down” for members of the label staff. To fans, unaware of these events before now, the disinterest and lack of enthusiasm from the employees came as a shock. People began tweeting questions, such as “How could they not know ‘All Falls Down’ was amazing?”

Act 1 of the jeen-yuhs documentary is now available for streaming now on Netflix.





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