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[Interview]: Peer Pressure Talks About Their EP “Bloom”

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The Nigerian based rap duo consisting of Von Trap and Fist, who released their EP titled “Bloom” back in November 2022 had a chat with our correspondent James Uwe to talk about the the EP 6 months after its release.

So let’s get on with it;

Q: First off, who are Peer Pressure?

A: Peer pressure is a rap duo consisting of Femi “Vontrap” Fadiya and Yusuf “Fist” Dawaki. It was formed in 2016, though we’ve been making music together since 2007. Born and raised in the city of Kaduna, we both attended the same primary school, where we bonded over our love for music and quickly became friends; a friendship that has continued over the years as we both got involved in the rap arm of  a youth group (Youth With A Purpose) and have continued making music together ever since.

Q: Peer Pressure? An interesting name for a rap duo. What brought about this name and what does it mean?

A: Lol. We knew we wanted to make music together, but it was so hard to come up with a name that truly captured who we are and what we intended to do with our music. The idea for the name came when we realized that we had actually influenced each other (positively, of course. Lol) subconsciously over the years. We inspired and encouraged each other to grow in ways that we probably wouldn’t have if we weren’t friends, and that’s what we want to also do with the music: inspire and encourage people to grow and be responsible. When people think of peer pressure, it’s almost always in the negative sense . We want people to see that peer pressure can also be positive, as it has been in our case. The bible makes it clear that “whoever walks with the wise shall become wise”(proverbs 13:20). That, right there, is Peer Pressure.

Q: Your EP “Bloom”. What does it mean and what led to the birth of this project?

A: The word bloom is to be in a state of freshness and beauty, and we often think of a flower whenever that word comes to mind. We were at a point where it seemed like life had become so difficult and came with so many challenges, but in that moment we also understood that God was using the challenges and difficulties to make us grow and make our lives even more beautiful. So for us, Bloom is beauty and hope against a backdrop of hardship and pain.

Q: What were your expectations of this project and what do you hope it’ll achieve, and do you think it’s achieved that purpose thus far?

A: Our first expectation was to make people aware that we were back in business after almost 4 years. Lol. We also wanted and hoped that people would think through some of the subjects we touched on the EP, and hopefully have conversations about them. Ultimately, our hope was, and is, that as people listen to the project, they reflect on the fact that God can bring so much beauty and growth from chaos and hardship.
About our first objective/expectation, we have definitely seen more engagements and our fanbase has grown, and that’s always a delight for any creative.
For our ultimate objective, however, It’s hard to say whether or not the project has achieved its purpose in the same way farmers can’t really tell if their seed planting was successful just after they plant the seeds. We have planted the seeds, and it may take years for them to grow. And even when they do, we may not be able to tell, because our field is the human heart, and the hearts are spread across the world.

Q: What are your favorite songs off the EP?

A: Get Back – That song just hits home every single time. It’s a song of hope. The message is simply this: “you’re never too far gone for redemption”. Life will beat you down, your own mistakes will weigh you down, but as surely as God lives and you put your faith in him, you can Get Back up.

Q: Who’s the quickest to bring in his verse and who takes the most time?

A: VonTrap is always the first to bring verses. Fist likes to take his precious time so that he can eviscerate his partner and clear any doubts as to who the superior rapper is. 😂

Q: Who’s more likely to sing on a record?

A: Fist. He’s basically Usher that sometimes turns on his inner Kendrick Lamar.

Q: Who’s the playful one?

A: VonTrap fancies himself as the playful one, but somehow that doesn’t manifest in the music, but he definitely is. Fist, on the other hand, effortlessly jests on songs, even though he takes real life a little too seriously.

Q: I keep asking this particular question when I get to talk to artists: what’s the biggest mis conception about CHH in Nigeria and what would you hope to see change?

A: The biggest misconception about CHH in Nigeria is that the artistes aren’t hardworking and lack skill, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. CHH artistes in Nigeria are some of the biggest hip-hop nerds who actually study rap and all its elements.
They can go toe to toe, bar for bar with some of your faves.

Q: Why should people keep listening to Peer Pressure and what’s next for this rap duo?

A: Peer Pressure makes good music, if we do say so ourselves. Great sound, profound and uplifting lyrics, fine men. What’s not to love about us? Lol
We are currently working on new music. We hope to release more singles, collaborations and projects this years and in the coming years as well 

Listen to Bloom the EP below on your favourite music store and follow Peer Pressure on social media @peerpressure

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