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Illbliss Drops Highly Anticipated 8th Album: Sideh Kai

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Nigerian hip-hop veteran Illbliss, widely recognized for spearheading the ‘Eastern – Igbo Boy Movement’ in Nigerian hip hop, has recently unveiled his eighth studio album, titled Sideh Kai. This release marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career, reflecting his evolution and growth within the hip-hop landscape.

A Reflection of Journey and Maturity

Sideh Kai, comprising 16 tracks, encapsulates Illbliss’s journey and maturity as an artist. The album resonates with fans and critics alike, hailed as a masterpiece for its hard-hitting production, introspective lyrics, and trademark wordplay.

Celebrating Life and Heritage

The album transcends mere musical expression, serving as a celebration of life as a middle-aged rapper and black man. Particularly notable is the track “Daughters”, wherein Illbliss expresses his profound love and gratitude for his daughters, adding a deeply personal touch to the album.

Thematic Exploration

Sideh Kai offers a thematic exploration delving into sophistication, resilience, opulence, and class, all interwoven with a deep reverence for Illbliss’s Igbo heritage. Tracks like Red Caps (Igbo) pay homage to the Igbo culture and its enduring spirit, setting the tone for the album’s overarching themes of identity and cultural pride.

Lyrical Prowess and Collaborations

Illbliss’s lyrical prowess shines throughout the album, showcased in tracks like God Is God and Peace of Mind. Moreover, Sideh Kai features an impressive lineup of guest artists, including Odumodublvck, Vector, Umu Obiligbo, Cobhams Asuquo, Made Kuti, Fave, Teni, Lade, Deborah Prest, Acetune, and Yukel, each contributing their unique flair to the project.

Legacy and Influence

With Sideh Kai, Illbliss further solidifies his position as one of the most influential figures in Nigerian hip hop. From his debut album, Dat Ibo Boy, to his latest release, Illbliss continues to leave an indelible mark on the genre, captivating audiences with his timeless artistry and evolution as an artist.


For millennials, hip-hop enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates indigenous rap, Sideh Kai is a must-listen. Available for streaming on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, the album invites listeners on a captivating journey through Illbliss’s life, heritage, and unparalleled musical craftsmanship. Connect with Illbliss on social media for updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

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