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ICYMI: Listen To “No Big Deal”, The Song Nasty C Dissed Sarkodie, Shatta Wale And A-Reece On

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Everyone’s talking about Sarkodie’s reply to Nasty C. But are you really aware of how the situation began before it got heated up?

Click Here To Listen To Sarkodie’s ReplyGhanaian Rapper, Sarkodie Gets South Africans Begging For Mercy As He Brutally Lashes Nasty C In A Newly Released Diss Track Titled “Landlord”

In the early days of December 2022, heavyweight South African rapper and songwriter, Nasty C found his way into the section with an interesting single captioned “No Big Deal.”

In the song, he made mention of some names and addressed his “situationship” with them – claiming he was trying to get things off his chest.

He opened the track with the mention of Sarkodie, saying the “Landlord” refused to shake his hand when they both met for the first time. He further stated that he held a grudge against the “Jamz” crooner and promised never to give him a verse. He also claimed that Sarkodie reached out to him twice for collaboration and he turned them down.

On top of that, this special tune comes after “Ivyson Army Tour Mixtape,” his previously released debut album.

Catch the full lyrics below;


When I first met Sarkodie, he wouldn’t shake my hand, cool

I’m not too proud to say I’m still a fan

But I held a grudge and told myself to wait ’til I’m the man

I’ll never give that man a verse and boy, did I stick to my plan

Two requests over the years and I declined them both

I just made up some dumb excuse like “I’m in album mode”

But lookin’ back on that today, I was in coward mode

And besides, those two songs are either out or old

See this the best way I know how to get shit off my chest

I was just a disappointed fan, it’s nothin’ more or less

But now I’m over that shit and he’s got all my respect

If he asks me for a verse again, it’ll be my hardest one yet

Then I was out in Accra, media run for my album

It’s turnin’ into a mess, if you turned in you could guess

They asked me if I knew Shatta, they said he’s one of the best

My honest response ended up being twisted by the press

He understood that, so there’s really nothin’ there to address

But I thought I’d speak on it to put it to rest, and show that man some respect

Got something else I need to speak on next

I think it’s time I take this back to the nest

There’s been a couple requests

You know I tried to squash that shit with A-Reece

Hard as it was to put my pride aside, I tried to make peace

It wasn’t even no beef, that shit was petty spaghetti

Two weeks later, I’m disrespected and regret it already

Couldn’t even get on my live without people bringing him up again

I end up sayin’ “Fuck him, then”

Somethin’ that was nothin’ might really turn into somethin’ then

I don’t even know why we beefin’, dawg, but it’s up again

I’m down to go either way at this point, I’ll leave it up to him

But I fuck with 25 and I fuck with Flvme

And a lot of other dope artists that fuck with him

But I’d be dumb as fuck to ever put my trust in them

And for my two niggas I said I’d ride with until our hearses close

I won’t rap about you, it’s too personal

Just know you niggas hurt me though

And you already said some words and sadly there’s no reversin’ those


Just getting shit off my chest, you know?

And I can promise you, I mean no malice to anybody I spoke on, none

Like I said, I’m just gettin’ shit off my chest

You’re more than welcome to take it however you wanna take it, I don’t think that’s up to me

It never has been


And these are just a few, of the many, many things I need to get off my chest and speak on and just-, let go

And I guess that’s why I make albums

Anyway, rest in peace to my little brother Yoshi

We love you kid, and we miss you

I am so grateful for every second I got to spend with you, man

Changed the way I view life

And a lot of people say shit like that just because someone’s gone

I’m glad I got to tell you this to your face while you were here

One of the best people I’ve ever met, swear down


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