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Haeven Delivers Blistering Critique of Dark Side of Creative Industry inLatest Single ‘DISSRESPECT,’

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In her latest single, ‘DISSRESPECT’, Ghanaian-Nigerian rapper and singer-songwriter, Haeven fearlessly confronts injustices plaguing the creative industry. The track resonates deeply with anyone who has felt undervalued, undermined, sabotaged, or marginalised in their pursuit of artistic expression. Haeven’s raw and provocative lyrics cut through the noise, demanding recognition and respect for creators across various fields, from emerging talents to established names. With infectious rhythm and undeniable energy, ‘DISSRESPECT’ promises to resonate with audiences worldwide from its release.

“Don’t be trying to undermine me, – pay me my dues. Because I’ve never been a theory, I have nothing to prove.” 


The song’s defiant lyrics assert Haeven’s value and call for accountability within the industry. Drawing from her personal experiences and observations, Haeven sheds light on systemic issues such as exploitation, lack of recognition, and the prioritization of profit over integrity. It serves as an unapologetic rallying cry for change, advocating that creators be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

Haeven’s haunting vocals and introspective lyricism, showcased in earlier releases like “ERA,” have captivated audiences and set the stage for her evolving artistic journey. Emerging from Accra, Ghana’s vibrant music scene, Haeven has also gained recognition for her genre-bending style and electrifying performances. From commanding stages at prestigious events like Jameson Connects and Afrofuture f.k.a Afrochella, Haeven consistently delivers a powerful message through her music. ‘DISSRESPECT’ marks a significant progression in her narrative, shining a spotlight on the realities faced by creatives today.

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